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Please... join me in Silent Prayer...

PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2005 1:34 pm
by Terrie*
silently as i say my daily bread, i bow down, add a prayer or two, for the senior citizens whom lost their life's while travelin' away from danger , yet were caught in a blazin' bus, such a scary way to die .no one deserves to exit life in such a brutal way . tears so fresh in my eyes as i think of their fear and of loved one's they left behind, it is difficult enough tryin' to prepare oneself of a death, to face and hear about it in thiis form , saddens and devastates a heart, even more my heart pours out to the driver tryin' to get them to safety and away from Hurrrican Rita , my silent prayer's for the Residents of Texas, and Louisiana as well ,do not stop there. it is a on goin' chain we just do not realize that sometimes each prayer needs a name. i was born in Western Texas, yet raised in another state, tragedy affects us all, i still have family within the Blessed Lone Star State of "TEXAS" thank you all my friends for joinin' me in a silent are all in mine aswell..
" I Love You All" !!