Dreamers Reality - Christmas and Holiday Poetry
thoughts for that special day


Poetry suitable for The Holiday Season

Christmas Is Here by Tim Kitchen
Baby Jesus by Elizabet Squires
To Each Friend Near And Far by Hope
The Christmas Box by Tim Kitchen
Card To My Mother by Lamar Cole
Our Father Christmas by Shan
Elves Are Busy Night and Day by Hope
The Holidays by Monica
Christmas Past I Recall by Hope
He Who Started It All by Clive B Ringshall
Looking Like A Tourist by Hope
A Christmas Story by Mark Spencer
Holy Night by Rebecca Ditch-Hammack
The Most Precious Gift by Catyrose
It Is The Season by Pondering Red
A Christmas Story by Catyrose
Holidays by Barbara Goodhew
Christmas by Mark Spencer
Christmas by Barbara Goodhew
Through A Child's Eyes by Catyrose
The Chosen One by Marilyn A F Longfellow
The Spirit Of Yuletide by TriTran
The First Christmas Day by Mark Spencer
Bell by Don Fraser
A Dollar Spent by Clive B Ringshall
A Wonderful Life by Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (Dreamer)
A Christmas Memory by Del
Candleshine by Webster
Christmas Is Back In Me Again by Clive B Ringshall
Christmas Ninty-nine by Velma Brown
Holiday Spirit by Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (Dreamer)
Christmas Mourn by Marilyn A F Longfellow
Letter by Webster
Merry Christmas by Clive B Ringshall
Merry Christmas by Terrie*
Nice Time Of The Year by Barbara Goodhew
No Snow by Del
Redneck Christmas by Mark Spencer
Santa Claus by Don Fraser
Smells & Sounds Of Christmas by Terrie*
Something For Christmas by Del
The Christmas Gift by Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (Dreamer)
The Little Christmas Tree by Anthony Wright
The Perfect Cards by ShyHeart
The Reason For The Season by Terrie*
Tis My Christmas Wish by Tricia
Tis The Night Before Xmas by Barbara Goodhew
True Spirit of Christmas by Sarah Taurus
Windows by Don Fraser
Christmas Caramels Tradition by J Freedom Long
Homeless Santa by KitKatrina
My Gift by Dino Hi
The Meaning Of Christmas by Mark Spencer
My First Christmas Alone by Mark Spencer


Poetry suitable for The Winter Season

Snowflake Fairies by Catyrose
Rejoice by Rebecca Ditch-Hammack
Snowflakes by Catyrose
Winter White by Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (Dreamer)
Snowflake by Marty Henry
Snow by Webster
Crystal Magic by Webster
A Touch Of Winter by Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (Dreamer)
Snow Days by Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (Dreamer)
A Walk In The Snow by Pondering Red
Who Shook Up The World by Rebecca Ditch-Hammack (Dreamer)
Snow by Amy Bananahead
Chalet Baptised With Snow by J Freedom Long
Love Of Winter by David Soriano
Winter Winds by Steve Sheridan

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