Linking Dreams

These are links of others dreams I find fun.. and enjoy going too...
I will put them in categories and try to let you know a bit about them.
Check back too, I will be adding to them


Visions Unlimited: Absolutely breathtaking art work by Daniel B Holeman... You must see his animated "The GIFT.". This site takes a while to load but it is well worth the wait.


Sick/Twisted Jokes: Some of these are a bit on the colorful side.. and the humor is sometimes a wee bit tasteless but may give you a few smirks and giggles.. and eeewwwws

Guitar Jokes: Pretty funny jokes from one Musician to another... I give it a 3 guitar picks on a 4 guitar pick scale :) The home site is pretty full of good music information too.  Worth the look.


Sunsets and DreamsWonderful inspirational thoughts and ideals.  Beautiful scenic sunset backgrounds. A website the poetic minded could spend a couple hours reading

Postcard Links

Pre-Raphaelite Postcards: Add a touch of gothic romance to someone's day. beautiful postcards.

AngelEyes Card Shoppe:   I knwo it is brought to you by the same person as above.. but this is a more all occasion section.  If you can't find a card here hmmm ...

Visions Unlimited: Another of my personal favorites with the artwork of Daniel B. Holeman... a fantastic fantasy of mind artist...and poet too...

Toonograms: a variety of different kinds of postcards cartoon based. Drawn by artist David Farley

The E-Kiss:   send a kiss to someone you like or love. you can decide what kind of kiss from sloppy to sensual... This one can be fun to play with

Just-So Literary Postcards:   more all occasion postcards

Blue Mountain Postcards:    great selection of post cards for all occasions

Writing Aids

Semantic Rhyming Dictionary: This is a place for those at a loss for a rhyme.  This site can help you with rhyming spelling definitions and such.. Can be helpful when you have a hard time finding that perfect rhyming word for your love letters ;) or poetry.... There are also links from there to Websters Dictionary and other helpful word play needs..

...More to be added soon...

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