Marengo Cave
Marengo, Indiana


wisemen.JPG (10198 bytes)
penny.JPG (14453 bytes) This was a fun area of the cave.
The ceiling never completely dry
is a great place to stick money
and some other small objects
Visitors to the cave used to stop here for a drink.
Over the years it was found that the water
was not good for them, and people quit
drinking from the spring.

Here their cups now have become permanent  
pieces history of the caves splendor

c-springs.JPG (14907 bytes)
crystal.JPG (19008 bytes) There are actually two tours at Marengo Cave
These following Pics are from the second
half of the tour

The Crystal Palace Tour
scenic.JPG (14450 bytes) lake.JPG (10132 bytes)
closeup Closeup


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