OUR SUMMER PROJECT - (Part 2) - page 7

2006 - 2007

The Plan:  33x14 2 story addition.  lower floor - kitchen-garage    upper- master suite with balcony/deck and hot tub

June 19th. With the wall gone we swung everything around

From the new kitchen things are shaping up

June 20 - The Dining Room is starting to look better too.

July 24 - 9 gallons of paint later (dark blue is tricky)
we start on the floor

The floor is a floating wood laminate
Bigger sections does not mean easier installation

45 degree angles in 2 directions at once is another trick.
Taking a much needed break

July 30 - Flooring is done

The 2 days work was well worth it

Notes On The Dark Blue Paint Nightmare:

After the first 3 coats did not do an even cover we went back for more primer and more paint. Thinking my base coat was the problem, we decided to re-prime and search the net for ideas, then have another go. After once again following instructions from professionals we found on the net that didn't work, we called the paint company that guarenteed the paint They told us to lightly sand the whole wall and go the opposite direction. And finally it worked.

The pictures do not do the color justice.It is a cobalt blue (Behr color: Sailboat Blue)
We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel

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