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Here is a place where you will find many links to handy utilities.
Take a peek you might just find something very useful..
I use all of these myself and find they work great!!

Best of all they are all freeware  and Shareware

Rose Vinebar

disclaimer: these programs I use and have all been tested on my machines which run Win95, Win98,
Win98SE & WinME and they work perfectly. This does not mean you will have the same
luck I had.  If you have problems with any of the software please use the programs help
file to find the makers of the program and their home website.
These are just a collection of my favorite programs I have found on the net and compiled to one location.
I personally use them all.   (Very well written utilities, and programs I might add.... ..enjoy --dreamer)




Stop the Spam before it even gets onto your computer!
.This great utility checks the email headers and reads the first few lines. This way you can decide if you want to keep it, delete it or bounce it back to the sender making it look like you don't exist. The newest version even identifies possible virus' 

Like most of the best programsMailWasher is Freeware/donation-ware


Tired of sorting through piles of spam mail?
This is the best program I have found to filter out spam from your mail client. Works great.. Easy interface.  This is the closest to perfect filter I have found.  It works great with Outlook Express and many other mail programs.. Easy to use and good help filesl. For more info go to 

Best thing SpamWeasel is Freeware


Ad-Aware locates and  gets rid of spyware on your computer.  Spyware are little programs put on your computer by various means without your knowlege. Usually by downloads from free sites.  They collect information about you and send it back to their designers.  Not only is your information being unknowingly being stolen but spyware also steals your bandwidth..   These programs can even mess up your computer as they can conflict with each other.   If you don't know they are there you wouldn't look for them to be the problem.   Ad-Aware solves this by getting rid of them for you.
    For more information on Ad-Aware and download go to it's makers website
Lavasoft    Freeware 


This is a wonderful personal Firewall.. which adapts itself to your way of surfing and using the internet.  It allows only  what you choose to get through.  (only flaw I found is when using icq in the high security level it won't allow you to use icq. Fix: set to medium level security on internet slide.   I had trouble with some  the functions on the complete download. Use the link to the left for the latest versions. It works fantastic) Need More info: Zonelabs  freeware

History Kill

   Get rid of  files left behind from browsers and windows programs.   Hide your tracks from anyone.  It has a pop up killer that kills those pesky ads that pop up behind your screen when browsing the net and a boss alert feature.
     Why do you need this: 
Windows and many websites and programs track you when you surf the net.  Logging and  taking your information for their own use. They leave behind all sorts of information and garbage you might not want anyone else to know or see even after you delete it.
       This is a very easy to use utility to get rid of all tracks left behind.  It has a very "user friendly" default setting that can be changed to suit your needs.    Easy to setup even for the newest computer users.  I use it myself and give it a 4 Star rating .  History Kill is a affordable shareware.   Your personal information can never be too safe. 
Download it and try it yourself
free trial, fully functioning, for 30 days.


 Great Virus detection. Updateable daily and/or as needed.. It has a Free Trial. This is a great Anti virus program. I highly recommend you keep. It's worth the purchase   30 day trial free

Learn more about your security and your computer

Though the next two are not actual downloadable programs I highly recommend using and reading from these sites and their newsletters.. They can teach you tons of stuff about computer security and many other things. You can never be too safe. Their newsletters have kept my machines up and running, secure and tweaked to my specs for years.


It is for anyone that cares about their computer. This isn't really a program but I highly recommend  get this newsletter.   No matter if your a beginer, intermediate, or pro. I have learned so much from Mr Langa's newletter. From tweaking the computer to my specifications, to saving myself gobs of disasters that were silently in the background waiting to happen.  It's all there.   spam-not.jpg (1322 bytes)

Harmless Strategies

Learning to protect myself from would be internet assassins. Tom m has taught me more then I could ever have hoped to learn on my own.  Best is the easy to understand  writing of information making it great for anyone to learn.

Computer Checkups Online

These next few area great websites to go to that will run a test on your system and report back where there might be problems. There is also lots of information available onsite as how to fix the problems too..

Shield's Up

Test how vulnerable you are to the hackers not to mention trouble makers online.  This site safely scans your ports and your computer shields. You might be surprised. Site also offers some fixes and alternatives to help with discovered openings.


Analyzes and tests your Windows software and helps you  optimize it's settings. While on the site check out WinTune.  


While checking your Browser for errors and correct settings, it teaches you all about what different setting on your browser actually do.  Not to forget to mention  it helps you trouble shoot any trouble areas it finds. This is a great online or downloadable learning tool. 


Easy way to test your internet connection speed. It doesn't matter what kind of connection you are using this site checks them all.

Computer Cleaning and Tweaking Software

Maintain and tweak your computer easily just the way you like it

Clean Up!

Clean up Those Junk Files. This has to be one of the most handy freeware I have found for cleaning up those junk temp files, cookies, and other useless cluttering stuff.  It is amazing how much space you actually lose to that stuff. This utility cleans it up real good.   It doesn't get rid of anything bu junk in its default setting freeware (751kb)


Clean up your registry of the mis-information that is no longer needed.   It finds the mistakes and fixes them making the Registry run more smoothly.  It also makes backups, pre-correction, just in case.  But I have never had it make a mistake so far. (note: You can open the Undo file in notepad or similar text program to see what changes were made. Freeware (818kb)


Speed up your internet connection with this toolkit.  It does what tmany pay for utilities claim to do for alot less ....Like For free  Freeware


"The Cacheman utility is designed to improve the performance of your computer by optimizing the disk cache, memory and a number of other settings. "

Most everything is done in the back ground with may different settings to try.  The default sets  you right back to where you started so try different settings without fear of messing things up.  (just incase)

This programs best feature is it's ability to recovery of memory on demand that is not properly released by programs.  Keeps memory where you need it.  Outer Technologies  freeware

Web Sucker

Ever needed a program that would let you download
some or all of the files from a website. 
This program does just that.  (helpful hint:  when setting up the program from its zip file put it in its own folder so you can find the files when you download them.)
freeware  (207kb)


Jens File Editor

High Function File Editor. Jens File Editor Blows Windows notepad away. Some excellent features: you can add line numbers for finding errors, can do large batch changes. (I have a friend who tried it with 150 files;)) excellent program under a meg Freeware (426kb)

Make Some Money

American Consumer
Opinion Panel

Wanna make some money???. I have been really impressed with this survey company and personlly have made quite a bit of money at it. It's easy to do. Once accepted to the program all you have to do is take surveys. Some you don't get money for but are added to a drawing. Some you can get a check for $5 and up. They have been a pretty reputable organization to me and I have been with them for a couple years. They don't add you to junk mail lists or send you anything other than their surveys. They pay just like they claim. And who can't use a few extra bucks these days.

Rose Vinebar

Programs I have found useful and fun

Rose Vinebar


This has to be one of the most useful programs I have found to keep up with your friends when they are online. Along with telling you when your friends are online you can send files, exchange voice messages, and set up a chat room, just to name a few of the many features this program offers


The chat program of champions.
Well at least most of the people I know. This program allows you to chat in multiple windows, use colors, write scripts, share sounds, and send files and more....

Hit Box

Do you need statistics on your website? You can see who is visiting, when, from where and what search engines and keywords they are using. You can add this useful link on your site to do just that. Won't link you directly to the individual. Just general statistics.


Never miss an important call while online again. CallWave is an excellent alternative to either missing phone calls or purchasing a second phone line for your computer. It works with the call forwarding on busy phone option. This has been a very valuable program when I am living out of town by leaving my phone off the hook at home. While I am online my messages are forwarded to my computer.

PowWeb Hosting

Have you been looking for a host for your website? I use PowWeb Hosting for both my sites. I have had excellent service. Very user friendly with a great support forum. 200 megs storage, 100 Pop3 e-mail accounts, 16 gigs of transfer per month FP2002 ext., 24/7 ftp access, 99.7% uptime, web-based e-mail, SSL,MySQL, PHP4, two months free, and more for only $7.77 per month.

If you should decide to use them if you would please put in the "referral box" to help me support my site, I would be much obliged.

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All software on this site has been found as freeware/shareware on the net.
  If I am distributing any of your programs and I should not be ..
please just inform me and it will be removed promptly..